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System Integration Consulting, Delphi Programming & Custom Software Development for Biomedical, Life Sciences, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

G&G has experience in working with Biomedical, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Clinical Trial industries in providing a number of custom applications, software solutions and IT services, including data mining, data warehousing, database development, system integration consulting solutions and more.

The following provides a list of selected areas where G&G either developed or are developing a custom software application or is engaged in discussion with a potential biomedical-pharmaceutical customer / partner:

  • Application software development for Drug Development (including system development for storing, analyzing and reporting clinical research data) – integration of electronic data capture (EDC) systems, in-house clinical data management systems (CDMS), labs and contract research organizations (CRO’s), complying with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Custom application development for Drug Scientific Discovery (using data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytic technologies with Data mining, Text mining, Data management & system integration consulting, Delphi programming and more)
  • Clinical Trial management solution (supporting collection, monitoring, management, and analysis of clinical trial data)
  • Custom software development for manufacturing and distribution, sales and marketing, and analytics reporting, as well as document compliance of complex government regulations for pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology companies
  • Custom software solutions for FDA regulatory compliance readiness (to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP compliance) – electronic regulatory submissions, electronic signatures, comprehensive audit trail, engineering changes, recording of batch records, quality records, inventory status transactions, process instructions and recording of results, etc.
  • System Integration consulting for Legacy systems
  • Software applications for Genetics research
  • Software application development using C / C++, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, JSP, Delphi programming and more
  • Development of Genomic database
  • Bioinformatics software tools and database development
  • Molecular Modeling database
  • Taxonomy database
  • Application software for Protein & DNA sequencing & assembling, Genotyping, Mutation / SNP discovery, EST Assembly, Transcript-to-Genome Mapping
  • Custom software application to interactively view 3-D structures, sequences, and sequence alignments
  • Data analysis, management, integration, conversion & reporting for molecular biology, chemistry, molecular modeling
  • Predictive modeling tools & data mining
  • Software application for interpreting genetic and chemical information
  • LIMS solutions for a variety of applications including pharmaceutical QA/QC, manufacturing, SAP integration, and product lifecycle testing
  • Application software for genetic analysis & gene mapping
  • Custom software application for microarray analysis
  • Computer aided molecular design applied to life and materials sciences
  • Biopharmaceutical products and information
  • Software tools for handling and analysis of DNA and protein sequences
  • Clinical pharmacogenomics software, data integration and analysis products and service
  • Development of Laboratory Workflow Systems (LWS) and Integrated Laboratory Knowledge Management System for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries
  • Custom software development for laboratory automation, as well as mathematical and bioinformatics modeling
  • Development of Chromatography software
  • Mass Spectrometry and Immunoassay Data Management software for bioanalytical research
  • LIMS and automation software for pharmaceutical and agrochemical research
  • Real-time data capture and integration with a clinical trial management system
  • Application software for Plant Biology and Agricultural Science & Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Applications using Oracle Clinical, Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (RDC), and the Oracle Thesaurus Management System (TMS) & SAS
  • Custom application software for the process manufacturing industry
  • Development of integrated imaging systems and software for cell biology and industrial applications
  • Custom software for 3D image visualization, rendering and measurement system
  • Scientific graphing, curve fitting and Biostatistics
  • Information systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug development
  • Development of integrated and interactive clinical trial data system with comprehensive browsing, reporting, graphical and statistical modeling
  • Simulation and design of software for the process, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food and specialty chemicals industries
  • Integration of statistical discovery software from SAS Institute
  • Custom software for clinical trial simulation, drug development and portfolio management
  • Manugistics statistical analysis software
  • Development of Visualization tools including the IMSL embeddable components