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Biomedical Technology

Biomedical Engineering Technology

The field of biomedical engineering is multifaceted. It requires the ability to apply multidisciplinary engineering analysis and techniques to healthcare, and specifically to the development of cutting-edge biomedical devices that require pinpoint tradeoffs among multiple criteria including safety, efficacy, and government restrictions. G&G Technologies specializes in custom software applications relative to the biomedical industry, including custom medical device programming and development. When the goals of an industry revolve around improving quality of life and reducing the impact of disease, the need for innovation is tremendous. Biomedical designers and manufacturers are expected to deliver a product that is uncompromised in an environment of rigorous dimensional tolerances and strict safety factor specifications. The path to biomedical innovation is a circuitous one that requires painstaking levels of research, as well as lengthy testing and approval phases. In a competitive environment typically led by only a select few innovators, is your current way of thinking about engineering design holding you back from creating the next breakthrough in biomedical devices? Break throughs in the biomedical field have made significant improvements in the following areas:

Orthopedic Implants
Vascular Stents
Surgical Devices
Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices
Effective Drug Delivery Systems and more...

Technology in the Biomedical Industry

In 2008, the US medical technology industry shipped approximately $140 billion worth of products and employed over 426,778 workers across 25 US states paying them $24.6 billion in compensation earnings. Likewise, this important sector defied the general economic downturn starting in 2007 to grow employment, compensation earnings and products shipped by 12.5%, 11.4% and 11.6% respectively and also supported ancillary industries and jobs ranging from manufacturers in the supply chain to contract testing and research organizations supporting innovation efforts. Our team can support the development of new biomedical software devices and custom biomedical technology applications. We help you innovate the future with premium biomedical industry development services and support.