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Application Development Outsourcing & System Integration for Petroleum-Propane Fuel Management

The client company was started in 1978 for developing software for petroleum and oil companies. Now it became the first choice for Petroleum, Gasoline Fuel and Propane Software in the industry. Currently, this company sells and distributes software throughout the United States, US Territories, Canada and Mexico. Recently they started expansion in other countries including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Project: Development and Support

Application: Petroleum and Propane Fuel Management Software


Operating Systems Windows 2000 Server, Window 98, Window NT, Unix
Software Environment Microsoft FoxPro 6.0, 8.0

Application Description:
The client has created packages that are tailored to fit the need to petroleum industry. Here is list of packages developed by the company.

  1. Accounts Receivable This is an immense collection of billing options that are supported by credit and collection advice that is as current as your latest entry. In this three billing methods are available: Invoicing, Statements, and Budget Payment Plans. Real-time updating makes it possible to print and mail invoices quickly, without waiting for nightly updates. This package includes:
  2. General Ledger: The General Ledger serves as the foundation of the company's accounting practices that manages every aspect of your business including monthly, quarterly and yearly closings:
  3. Accounts payable: The Accounts Payable program assists you with managing the entire purchasing and disbursement process. The program includes:
  4. Tank Management: The Tank Management program features:
  5. Inventory Control: The Inventory Management System (IMS) provides companies with the ability to track the inventory of their entire operation. IMS supports:
  6. Delivery Management: The Delivery Management program provides the control factor for trucks and does the forecasting and reporting needed to maximize productivity. It also tracks the fuel remaining in tanks, holds the last delivery date information and checks prior fill dates.

    The package contains multiple delivery scheduling options:

  7. Route Management: The Route Scheduling module interfaces directly with Accounts Receivable for automatic credit and delivery data control.
  8. Degree Day Management: The Degree Day Management program works with an unlimited number of delivery locations. Each separate location can have its own degree-day factor and, within each location, the tank being filled is tracked independently.

    Degree Day information can adjusted by tank, location or for a given area and route. Seasons may be saved for review in future years and the degree-day factor increased or decreased by season.

    Utilizing the Degree Day delivery process allows the distributor of propane to make larger fills with less trips and reduced wear and tear on their trucks. Special pop-up screens are available for reviewing the amount of fuel and remaining days of fuel left at each location. Additionally, each customer is listed by the number of degree days left to allow you to deliver to accounts with lower fuel first.

  9. Altitude Compensation: The Altitude Compensation module provides dealers with the exact compensation factor of each tank that requires compensation to remain accurate. Designed to keep our fuel dealers legal in mountainous areas, this program adjusts each tank automatically and tracks the amount of fuel that has been delivered at a particular altitude.

    Pricing and actual gallons sold are compensated at data entry- the adjusting compensation, prior and current meter reading, customer usage, actual amount delivered and date the meter was read print right onto the customer's statement.

    Also included with the Altitude Compensation package:

G&G developed most of the packages and maintenance support to the client. We have got a talented pool of software professionals who deliver a quality service to all the day to day Software requirements of the client company. A few of our major responsibilities include:

  1. Carrying out modifications and fixes to existing programs and database as per their requirements.
  2. Writing new programs to meet their new requirements and synchronizing it with their existing software.
  3. Developing and adding new modules to their existing software package to make it more flexible and provide support for new lines of Fuel need.

Team Composition:
Project Manager 1 Project Manager
Team Leaders 2 Team Leader
Developers 6 Developers
Testers 1 Tester

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