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Cookie Purge Utility for Healthcare HIPAA Compliance Software Development

The client is a privately held software company that has achieved a technological breakthrough in the area of application distribution and resource optimization. The client's product suite, called DIS (Distributed Internet Server), provides a more efficient and cost effective way to connect users with the applications and information they need. Based on 21 US patents, the client's software solution is able to componentize any type of application, distribute it across any type of network, and run on any type of device - from an enterprise server to a wireless PDA. The result is an unparalleled ability for companies to accelerate the ROI on their IT investments; improving user satisfaction and application performance while reducing overall operational costs.

This project was executed for one of the healthcare-medical industry customers of the client.

Project: Design and Development

Application: Cookie Purge Utility for HIPAA Compliance Software

Application Description:
This Application is an Extension to e-Med Application, which is a Web-enabled application for healthcare Industry.

While using over internet, some of the files and cookies get locally stored on client system for fast retrieval and for some other reasons, which can be thought of as a security breach in the system. To make the e-Med an HIPAA compliance software, it becomes necessary to remove these files from client machine.
hipaa compliance software

The Application deletes all the cookies and temporary files from the client PC and send a purge log to the server for history purpose.

The Application has two main Components:

Purge Agent runs as a service on Client machine. It will monitor for the start and end of Internet sessions and at the end of session it invokes its Purging Event. All the Cookies and Temporary Files downloaded and created during the session will be deleted during the purging phase.

Information about deleted files is stored in the purging log (in XML format) and sent to the server for the recording in the database. This information is sent using HTTP (HTTPS) protocol so as to work over firewalls and proxies.

Purging manager runs on the server machine. It listens for information sent by purging agents and insert purging reports into the database.

Purge Manager Web Reporting Module allows Administrators to view the Purge History through a browser interface.

Software Technology:

Operating Systems Windows 9x, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Profession, XP Home Windows NT
Software Environment MS Visual Studio 6.0, Visual C++, ASP, IIS
Other Technologies HTTP, HTTPS, XML, DOM, ADO, HIPAA Compliance, Install Shield
DBMS MS SQL Server 2000

2002 - 2003

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