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Medical Record Management (EMR / EHR) Software Development Outsourcing by Healthcare Software Consultants

The client is a South Carolina, USA based one of the leading healthcare software consultants and solution providers for Electronic Health & Medical Records (EHR & EMR), CPOE, and Medical Billing and other systems to the Healthcare providers, Hospitals, Clinics, large and small Practices. The client company provides both software products, custom solutions and services to medical and health care communities around the country.

Project: Development and Maintenance

Application: Electronic Medical Record (EMR / EHR) system & database development

Application Description:
It is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR / EHR) database that works with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice dictation software to document patient encounters. It is developed as a solution to the shortcomings of hand written charts, dictation and crude word processor based records, highly recognized by healthcare software consultants and being widely used by health care service providers. It has the following features:

G&G provides software development and maintenance support to the client which is very active as one of the leading healthcare software consultants around the country. A few of our major responsibilities include:

  1. Analysis, design & development of the complete Synchronization module. This module now allows the doctors to work in Offline mode from any location. Once they are connected to the Enterprise Server or Satellite Server, they can easily synchronize the data back with the centralized database server. It supports both one-way and two-way synchronization process.
  2. Incorporating HIPAA compliant logic in the product.
  3. Development & enhancements in the Triage Notes & Nurse’s Notes section.
  4. Incorporating Common Template logic in the product so that authorized users can share common templates. Template created by doctors can easily be used by authorized nurses and vice versa.
  5. Incorporating Merge Patient logic in the product so that Medical Information can easily be synched with the Demographic information.
  6. Sign-over functionality.
  7. Created Active-X components for Demographic Data/Nurse’s Notes.


Operating Systems Windows 9x, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Profession, XP Home Windows NT
Software Environment MS Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0
Other Technologies ADO/ODBC
DBMS MS SQL Server 2000 / MSDE

Team Composition:
Project Manager – 1 Project Manager
Team Leaders – 1 Team Leader
Developers – 4 Developers
Testers – 1 Tester

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