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Web Based Requisition Approval System Custom Application Development

The client is an ISV providing administrative software applications to the K-12 education market. The client's application software products include web based Financial and Student Administrative Software (grades K-12) among other education market and educational software applications.

Project: Web Based Requisition Approval System Application Development

Application: Web Based Requisition Approval Process


Operating Systems IBM AS/400, OS/400
Software Environment RPGLE, CL, RPG/400, CGIDEV
DBMS DB2/400
Web Server Apache

Application Description:
The Client Requisition System provides pre-PO encumbering functionality. Users can enter a requisition which reserves (but does not encumber) a certain budget amount towards the purchase of goods or services. Each requisition, based on settings assigned to its originator, is routed through a list of reviewers/approvers.

Each reviewer/approver sees the requisition after other reviewers lower in the approval list have approved the requisition. If all reviewers approve the requisition, a purchase order will be generated into the Client Budgetary Accounting System and the funds will be encumbered. This review and approval process was a 5250 “green screen”-based process.

The project involved extending the Client Requisition System to provide a web-based interface to the requisition approval/rejection process including maintenance functions.

Approvers can change a requisition, remove its status, approve all pending requisitions, view requisitions based on their status. All this functionality was provided through the web-based interface.

The Web-based system has following capabilities.

We developed all modules of the Requisition Approval Process, which involved Application software Design, Database Design, GUI Design, User Interface Development, Web Based User Interface Design, Backend Development and implementation.

Team Composition:
Project Manager – 1 Project Manager
Team Leaders – 1 Team Leaders
Software Designers – 1 Designers
Developers – 5 Developers
Testers – 1 Testers
Graphic Designer – 1 Graphic Designer

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