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Medical Dictation Management System Development

Note: Please also refer to another case study for Medical Transcription & Document management system development in this regard.

A leader in transcription tools to the Healthcare Industry for more than a decade and a leader in document management systems for 23 years.

A team of 7 designers (project leader, designers, senior programmers, junior programmers), 1 test engineer, 1 technical writers (for documentation) in India lab. Senior project manager in North Carolina lab.

Software Technologies
Java, Oracle8I, ODBC, CORBA, Interfaces with Dialogic voice hardware, API to MS Word, HIPAA compliance.

From Oct. 1999 - 2003

A Brief description
Starting from Oct., 1999 we are developing a very large distributed

Transcription and Dictation management system in India. In this project we have a team of approx. 9 professionals working in New Delhi, India. Our client is a leader in transcription tools to the Healthcare Industry for more than a decade, announced a new Transcription & Dictation Management Service offering. In this large project with the client we are developing a medical document management & dictation system. Along with offering transcription services the client is now positioned to expand its Document Management service offering to include a Dictation System (eDictate™) and a Patient Electronic Chart (eChart™). The complete line up of products that supports Transcription Services includes:

eDictate™ system eTechnology

eTechnology harnesses the power of the latest proven technologies to offer a scalable, fully integrated, platform independent, turnkey solution to the Medical Transcription industry. With the internet as the transport medium, eTechnology enables users located virtually anywhere, to access the system from their desktops. Web enabled Portals allow authorized personnel access to timely information on work status. eTechnology provides security across all transactions. With dual-redundant hardware, eTechnology ensures uninterrupted availability. eTechnology uses Request Broker Architecture to improve response rate on all transactions. The Open Framework allows connectivity to any ODBC compliant database. eTechnology aims to boost productivity by automating Job Allocation, Performance Rating and seamlessly integrating Voice with Text.

eTechnology provides users with well-designed tools for easy installation, support, troubleshoot and diagnose potential problems and perform system upgrades.

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