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Multimedia Application Software Development

This application development outsourcing project is being done for a leading entertainment company providing many channels of contents and entertainment including Karaoke over a digital media (using software technologies, Windows based PCs, database application, and digital hardware including digital TVs, and remote control).

Project: Windows based Applications Design and Development Outsourcing

Software Technologies: MS Visual Basic (VB), MS Access, PC Remote Control software

Special Hardware:

  1. 1.Two High end Graphics Card with ‘TV Output’ (ATI AGP Rage128 PRO 32 MB with TV output) for connecting the TV to the PC
  2. IR Receiver for the Remote Control
  3. Remote Control
  4. Two TVs/ Pc Monitors

A Brief Description: The Karaoke Prototype software consists of the following modules:

Administration module: In this module, the following features are present:

User Module: In this module, presently only the following features are present:

Remote Module: This module makes use of the remote software, the remote device and the IR receiver for providing the user the feature of controlling the application through the remote device.

Karaoke Player Module: This module is used for actually playing the Karaoke songs. The player that has been used in the prototype is Mimic Audition.

The basic hardware setup for this software is shown below:

2003 - 2004 on-going

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