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Computer Tracking and Data Security Protection & Monitoring Services Software Outsourcing, Development & Integration

The client is a leading North Carolina company providing security services and products for human and equipment assets to enterprises and institutions.

Project: Enhancement of Existing Application

Application: Computer Tracking and Data Security Protection Services Software

Application Description:
This security software product is a preventive measure against computer or data loss. The security software product is a virtually undetectable, immovable and silent safeguard software program that enables the product "IQ Certified" alarm monitoring station to track the location and use of a laptop or desktop computer or PDA hand-held device or any other portable wireless mobile appliance or device.

Also, the security software product's unprecedented “Hide-A-File” feature enables users to hide and encrypt sensitive confidential information at a file or folder level. This powerful feature is not available from any other computer tracking service and uses a sophisticated file hiding technique and 128-bit encryption restricting access to the sensitive information to only the authorized owner.

How this security software product Works:
This security software's service is similar to a residential or business alarm monitoring service. With this software on a computer (or a device or appliance), the computer silently and invisibly communicates via the Internet or telephone lines with the software at a 24-hour central monitoring station. Should the computer (or a device or appliance) become lost or stolen, this software's professional central station operators, using "Caller ID" or an Internet IP address, can determine the unit's location and assist in its recovery. At the same time, while the computer or device is missing, any sensitive information stored in the software's Hide-A-File program remains confidential and invisible to anyone except the rightful owner.

Product Features:

Project Description:
The Project involved enhancement of the software product to enable it to work on Windows XP Platform. It also involved enhancements to this security software's “Hide-a-File” Utility to make it more flexible.

The complete application code was studied and evaluated from point of view of compatibility with Windows XP and appropriate changes were carried out.

The complete Product was tested thoroughly on various Windows platforms – XP Professional, XP Home, 9x, NT, 2000 and ME.

The Install programs were created for the security software's Standalone and CV Version with the enhanced code.

Software Technology:

Operating Systems Windows 9x, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Profession, XP Home Windows NT
Software Environment MS Visual Studio 6.0, Visual C++. .NET
Other Software Install Shield

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