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Today’s modern businesses invest in the cloud as a basic business expense. But this expense saves money. Instead of traveling across the country to land a new client, a modern business will host a videoconference using cameras built into laptops, tablets or smartphones along with one of the many cloud-based presentation tools available today. The ability to always be connected to files and applications means you can answer client requests immediately, even if you’re on vacation or a business trip. This consistent access can give you an advantage in landing a client over a competitor who is less accessible during the decision process. The small monthly investment in cloud software and connectivity replaces a previous need to purchase server space that may not even be used. G&G Technologies has offered cloud services Raleigh NC, Cloud Services Washington DC, Cloud Services Atlanta, among other locations. Our cloud technology services include: IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, Amazon AWS, and SaaS. For many cloud services today your business pays only for the technology it needs each month. When changes are needed (such as adding access for new employees), they often can be made immediately, again, saving you money. Cloud providers add and remove features as the needs of your business change, giving you even more flexibility.

Even for businesses that already have on-site IT staff, the cloud isn’t replacing jobs. The shift to the cloud is simply redefining the description of the work. Technology professionals are taking on more of a business analyst role, freeing them up for more challenging and often rewarding tasks. How the Cloud Can Improve Your Office Productivity Cloud technology can increase productivity by making your business more agile. The cloud offers a wide range of benefits to help your company become more responsive – from encouraging collaboration to allowing you to access files and applications from anywhere, from any device.

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The concept of the workplace is gradually changing as business owners realize employees can work from anywhere, thanks to the anywhere-access of cloud applications. This section offers a look at how the cloud can help improve productivity for your small business, allowing collaboration between team members and access to files from anywhere. Adoption has spread across many industries and businesses of all sizes, with 75 percent of organizations stating they now use some form of cloud technology. This number continues to grow each year as the cloud becomes a more viable alternative to purchasing and maintaining on-site software, hardware and IT personnel. Make Your Office More Mobile At one time, employees were required to drive to an office every day, often going out of their way to check in before beginning a day of scheduled meet¬ings. Mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, have changed that. Instead of sitting in an office, professionals can now work from confer¬ence rooms, convention centers or their own home offices. This growing desire for office mobility has changed the way employees consume information. Files and applications now can be accessed from outside of the office when they need them most, wherever they may be. This agility is in high demand – with more than 74 percent of businesses naming it as a top reason for their move to the cloud. Contact Us today, to learn more about Cloud services for your business!