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Operational databases house transactional data such as employee information, sales, customer feedback, and PoS information. These databases provide the foundation for the operational systems and applications that run the business. As operations increasingly required these systems to integrate with each other, existing ETL tools provided an obvious solution. Already supporting data-level connectivity to many popular databases and applications, ETL tools became a quick and seemingly simple means of connectivity and data movement. In a time when APIs were not as abundant, ETL tools were the go-to solution for operational use cases.

ETL tools indeed provide a method of communication between databases and applications, but pose significant challenges over time. Because creating this type of connectivity requires an comprehensive knowledge of each operational database or application, interconnectivity can get complicated as it calls for implementing very invasive custom integrations. Over time, this approach grows increasingly complex, and the greater the number of interconnected systems, the more complicated things become. Moreover, with such tight coupling, interdependencies create the potential for big, unpredictable impacts when even the slightest changes are made. The custom point-to-point data-level integrations become a tangled web of brittle connections, quickly beginning to look like “spaghetti code”.

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