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HANA, Lumira Development Services for Business?

SAP HANA is an in-memory computing appliance that combines SAP database software with pre-tuned server, storage, and networking hardware from one of several SAP hardware partners. It is designed to support real-time analytic and transactional processing.

What are the technical components that make up HANA? The heart of SAP HANA is the SAP In-Memory Database, a massively parallel processing data store that melds row-based, column-based, and object-based storage techniques. Other components of SAP HANA include:

SAP In-Memory Computing Studio, SAP Host Agent 7.2, SAPCAR 7.10, Sybase Replication Server 15, SAP HANA Load Controller 1.00, and, SAP Landscape Transformation 1 - SHC for ABA.

SAP Lumira grew out of SAP Business Explorer, the company's previous, but more basic, self-service data visualization tool. According to SAP, the two are meant to go hand-in-hand. For example, analysts using SAP Lumira can alter data structures and correlations in whatever way they want, without the help of their IT department, then push the data back into the system so it can then be consumed by more casual users in tools like Business Explorer.

SAP Lumira can either be used in conjunction with the SAP HANA in-memory platform or without. SAP announced the general availability of SAP Lumira during the 2012 SAP Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, Florida, although it was known as SAP Visual Intelligence at the time. SAP announced that it had formally renamed the application SAP Lumira, at the following Sapphire conference in 2013.

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