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IBM WebSphere software outsourcing, Application Integration (EAI), ecommerce application development with Message Broker, MQ, Java, Rational, Eclipse, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server for mobile, speech, portal

Using IBM WebSphere Message Broker, MQ Messaging, BPM, Commerce, Voice Server, Embedded Viavoice, Java EE & WebSphere Application Server G&G offshore software outsourcing team is helping its global clientele of small and midsized companies. For a large number of customers our offshore application development group is executing various WebSphere projects with Eclipse, JMS, IBM DB2, Oracle RAC, SOAP/JMS JAX-WS Web services, Rational Application Developer, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) along with Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. These projects are in the areas of enterprise application integration, developing mobile and speech middleware, portal development, application infrastructure development, developing business process management, eCommerce application development.

In various enterprise application integration (EAI) projects IBM WebSphere Message Broker is enabling our offshore software outsourcing team in fast and flexible application integration with reduced cost and bridging to next-generation interconnectivity. In these EAI as well as mobile application projects G&G IT team is simplifying integration with pre-built mediation, intelligent routing, and transformation regardless of the device, platform, or network. With Message Broker we are increasing nimbleness with services federation management and ESB federation that enable us to easily share services across SOA domains. In many of these including speech middleware application projects complex manipulation of message data had been performed using the facilities provided in the Message Brokers Toolkit, such as ESQL (Extended Structured Query Language), Java, XSLT, and Drag-and-drop mappings.

In several of our outsourcing projects involving portal development and others, WebSphere MQ is providing the mechanism of communication between the Configuration Manager, the brokers, and the business applications. In many of our application infrastructure development and mobile applications projects a separate WebSphere MQ queue manager is required for each broker that is created on a system. The Message Brokers Toolkit can communicate with the Configuration Manager without WebSphere MQ being installed, but it cannot create a broker domain or the Default Configuration on a machine without WebSphere MQ. The Message Brokers Toolkit is used on Windows and Linux (x86 platform). G&G software development team is using WebSphere MQ Explorer as necessary on Windows and Linux, after installing WebSphere Eclipse Platform. It is to be mentioned that the Configuration Manager uses an embedded Derby database for its internal configuration repository. On Windows the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Drivers for Cloudscape enable this embedded Derby database to be used as a broker database.

As the base level of Rational Application Developer changes over the life cycle of the product, the level of Rational Agent Controller (RAC) required to work with WebSphere Message Broker is likely to change. Rational Agent Controller (RAC) is used by the Message Brokers Toolkit during message flow debugging (Flow Debugger). In many eCommerce application development and application integration projects DB2 Universal Database is generally supported as a repository for broker configuration data. DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server is used in the WebSphere Message Broker package. On Windows, it is not necessary to install DB2 Universal Database in a WebSphere Message Broker test or evaluation environment. In many installations we also use some optional products like Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.