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The digital economy is in full swing and the businesses that will emerge victorious are the ones that have an integrated systems strategy capable of delivering the most current data available in the most consumable means possible. IT Modernization for business is a hot topic and a strong focus for many of our clients. The compelling reasons to modernize IT systems and processes are to facilitate business agility, participate in the digital economy and improve customers’ user experience. Consumers of goods and services are global, connected and demand more for less.

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Technological change is accelerating and leaving a turbulent wake of business disruption. Given the business imperatives in this consumer age, the velocity of change is a competitive differentiator. But many organizations are hamstrung with legacy systems that cannot meet customer needs, do not support an omni-channel customer experience and have many disparate systems that exacerbate the inability to respond quickly to customer demands. At the same time, the technology barriers to entry have been lowered, increasing the likelihood of competitive disruption. The business need for IT modernization is clear and must address organization, process and technology change.