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NoSQL Services for Business

NoSQL Database Integration and Management Services for Business

NoSQL databases are an essential part of working with big data today. NoSQL databases provide the speed, scalability and performance it takes to work with massive data sets for social data mining, sensor data analytics, capital markets analysis, and other real time big data scenarios. Relational databases, long the standard in data storage, can't keep up with the demands of big data and the potential for millions of simultaneous users. NoSQL databases also work well as cloud databases and can accommodate any new type of structured or unstructured data that comes along – something relational databases simply can't handle.

But working with NoSQL databases presents a challenge for most organizations. Like any new technology, it takes a pretty big investment of time and money to get developers up to speed and systems up and running smoothly. NoSQL databases also add complexity to infrastructure and can quickly create performance bottlenecks when database integration isn't managed well.

Interactive applications have changed dramatically over the last 15 years, and so have the data management needs of those apps. Today, three interrelated megatrends – Big Data, Big Users, and Cloud Computing – are driving the adoption of NoSQL technology. And NoSQL is increasingly considered a viable alternative to relational databases, especially as more organizations recognize that operating at scale is better achieved on clusters of standard, commodity servers, and a schema-less data model is often better for the variety and type of data captured and processed today.

For organizations that want to deploy NoSQL databases for managing big data, G&G Technologies, Inc. provides an easy-to-use solution to take advantage of the power of NoSQL databases without needing to invest in new skills or infrastructure.

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