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Qlik Services for Business

Qlik Integration and Management Services for Business

Qlik, which helps everyone from major hospitals to global carmakers organize and analyze big data, wanted to make it easy for a broader base of customers to give visual dashboard tools such as Qlik Sense a try, without having to go through too many technical hoops. The most logical way to do that was to move into the cloud.
Qlik, which was founded in Sweden in 1993, is known for creating simple interfaces that even non-tech savvy people can easily navigate. It’s also known for technology that helps users figure out what data will be most helpful to them, even if it’s not the data they originally seek out.

Qlik’s Business Discovery platform gives you the real-time data and analytics you need to make better business decisions. It pulls data from your existing business-critical software solutions and brings it into an easy-to-use dashboard that employees can access anywhere. Our business intelligence specialists can help you assess and prioritize your analytical needs, customize your QlikView solution and implement it -- quickly and easily. You can also rely on us for ongoing Qlik support services.

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