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Restaurant Industry Technology

Restaurant Industry Technology - How the marketplace is changing...

It is undeniable that technology is changing the way brands interact with consumers, especially restaurants that have a quicker in-store experience. Many changes happened in 2015 to inspire trends in 2016, including the wider use of mobile applications for consumer loyalty programs and ordering as well as the EMV liability change. The largest change was in the mentality of how restaurants view and use technology to drive every facet of the business. We have changed to a relationship based landscape, where customer acquisition has been de-emphasized and is now replaced with a strong focus on customer retention. In the past, consistent dining experiences and customer service were all it took to keep customers returning, but in today’s competitive marketplace. Consumer expectations are more demanding, leaving brands fumbling to keep up. Each day, consumers are flooded with opportunities to engage with your competitors, however there are just as many opportunities to put your brand in front of your customers so they’ll engage with you, transforming them into advocates and repeat customers. The customer journey isn’t linear, but rather circular and cyclical with numerous customer touch points throughout. Capture customer data and use that data to create personalized customer experiences to bring in more engagement. While there historically hasn’t been much of a focus on the role of technology within the restaurant industry, today's business landscape has very much evolved. Technology now plays one of the most important roles in the restaurant business.

Technology in the Restaurant Industry us evolving...

Technology can be a great tool for restaurants to enhance consumer experience and get more of them to both buy food and visit the restaurant. According to a Forrester Research report, mobile commerce transitions are anticipated to exceed $142 billion in 2016. There also exists data to support that customers who place online orders are more loyal to the brand. Let’s face it, most people order things online now for a wider selection and so as not to have to go out searching for something. It’s much more convenient to have something either come to your house or place an order ahead of time to save time at a restaurant. This is especially true for workers who need lunch. It’s much easier and faster to order something online, pay for it and have it delivered. This way they can keep on working and still get fed. According to a NRA/LevelUp whitepaper, people that place an order online at a restaurant, visit 67% more often than those that haven’t placed an online order. This makes sense because these people must like the restaurant in order to order from there so going in isn’t a huge stretch. People may be more likely to add toppings or send in group orders when using the app as opposed to going into a restaurant. Want to discover how G&G Technologies can help businesses within the Restaurant Industry succeed using technology? Contact us today to learn more!