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Retail IT Services | Retail Industry Solutions

The retail industry is an ever changing marketspace. Today, consumers are more informed and connected than ever before. They demand a personalized mobile shopping experience that provides instant gratification with minimal interference. Innovation has continued to surround the retail industry and has made way for some amazing innovations. Mobile applications can now track consumer buying habits, report on supply-chain deficiencies, and even deliver in-store customer service in real-time. Businesses are using these innovative technologies to enhance the customer experience and strengthen their bottom line. G&G Technologies has been in the technology business since 1993. Our corporate offices are located in Cary, NC (close to the major tech hub Research Triangle Park (RTP).

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best businesses in the industry. We understand the need to make big data make sense and we know the importance and demand of mobility on both the consumer and business side of the retail industry. Our services help SMBs (Small to medium sized businesses) better utilize mobile technology. In addition to Mobile app development on multiple platforms (iOS, WatchOS, Android, Windows OS, Symbian, Blackberry OS), we also provide custom software applications, big-data analytics, legacy software modernization, data security/compliance, and much more. Our services are designed to improve the overall performance and profitability of your retail business. With cost-savings in mind, our team unites to help businesses excel in the retail industry each and every day!

Is your retail business spending too much on IT related services?

Are you confident that you are using the best technologies possible to be competitive? Are you worried about data breaches and the security of your customer's data? Our approach to providing the best retail business solutions is quality and affordability come first. Whether we are building an innovative mobile application, or helping a business modernize an existing software solution, we always strive for excellence. From retail store fronts (brick and mortar) to advanced E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Big-Commerce, Shopify, BigCartel, and 3DCart, we can help you with the perfect retail business solution.
Retail IT Solutions

Let our team help you find the solutions that best fit your business, industry, and budget. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have a highly skilled team of professionals working for you, to save you both time and money. Get a Free Retail IT Review today and take the first step in lowering your IT costs, increasing productivity, and contributing to the overall success of your business! Speak with a live agent at: 1-800-852-4145