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Silk Central Testing Software Support, Customization & Implementation Services

Silk Central Testing Software

G&G offers Silk Central Testing Software Support & Implementation services

Manage and automate your testing in the Cloud with our newest cloud addition and see how your web applications look on different browsers. Achieve web/HTML5/cross-browser testing by creating a virtual testing infrastructure layer with Silk Central Connect via Amazon images, and remove some of that costly hardware needed for physical testing.

Silk Central Connect enables you to increase speed and effectiveness of web application testing while dramatically reducing costs. This push button solution provides pre-configured browser test environments in the Cloud and maximizes test script re-use across browser platforms, including desktop and mobile. Silk Central Connect offers you the ability to identify errors quickly through visualization of results. Cross browser testing is now easier than ever for web developers. Record re-usable test scripts once and execute them in parallel across a comprehensive set of browser environments pre-configured in the Amazon public cloud.

Dramatically reduce the costs of test environment setup and maintenance through use of pre-configured images that Silk Central Connect provides. Simply link to your own public cloud account or private cloud infrastructure to elastically execute tests. Auto-scan any web application. Simply navigate to the URL and take a screen-shot across all available desktop and mobile browsers. There’s no need to run different tests for different browsers - just click the ‘Run’ button and see the results.

Quickly locate problems across a wide variety of browsers and platforms before they reach your end users. Understand quickly and visually where applications will fail. Build a sustainable test set that is highly re-usable across browser environments and easy to maintain through seamless integration with Silk Test. Silk Central Connect supports developers as well as business analysts, which makes it ideal for configuration testing. Reduce cost and complexity of testing through Silk Central Connect's test portability and re-use. Record a single set of tests in one browser environment and run them on all platforms without the need for customization.

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