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Squarespace Support & Implementation Services


G&G offers Squarespace Support & Implementation services

Squarespace is a SaaS-based content management system (CMS) which is composed of a website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. The service allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites and blogs. Since launching in 2004, Squarespace has grown to 503 employees and millions of users have created websites on the Squarespace platform

Squarespace was founded in 2003 and launched in January 2004 by Anthony Casalena using a $30,000 investment from his father. He created the initial software behind the company after trying and disliking other personal web page platforms. Squarespace was founded to create an all-in-one web publishing solution. On November 17, 2014, Squarespace announced that it acquired Brace.io, a website creation startup powered by cloud tools like Dropbox and Amazon Web Services. The price of the acquisition was not released.

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