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Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, diverse applications communicate either directly or through third-party software.

Private cloud

Today’s modern businesses invest in the cloud as a basic business expense. But this expense saves money. Instead of traveling across the country to land a new client, a modern business will host a videoconference using cameras built into laptops, tablets or smartphones along with one of the many cloud-based presentation tools available today. | Learn More

Hybrid cloud

The concept of the workplace is gradually changing as business owners realize employees can work from anywhere, thanks to the anywhere-access of cloud applications. This section offers a look at how the cloud can help improve productivity for your small business, allowing collaboration between team members and access to files from anywhere. Adoption has spread across many industries and businesses of all sizes, with 75 percent of organizations stating they now use some form of cloud technology.  | Learn More

Public cloud

Even for businesses that already have on-site IT staff, the cloud isn’t replacing jobs. The shift to the cloud is simply redefining the description of the work. Technology professionals are taking on more of a business analyst role, freeing them up for more challenging and often rewarding tasks. How the Cloud Can Improve Your Office Productivity Cloud technology can increase productivity by making your business more agile. | Learn More


To really understand the relationship between cloud and DevOps, it’s helpful to take a step back and consider the larger context in which both are happening. Cloud and DevOps have evolved in response to three fundamental societal transformations. First, we are in the midst of a transition from a product economy to a service economy.| Learn More