Enterprise integration

Enterprise integration is a technical field of enterprise architecture, which focused on the study of topics such as system interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments.

webMethods (Software AG)

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform delivers a wider range of capabilities that enable enterprises to quickly build business applications for the digital age. Conventional, off-the-shelf ERP and application software products are designed to support existing and predictable business processes – this means they cannot be adapted fast enough for changes in the business; the Digital Business Platform supports the development of applications for new, digitized processes, which did not exist in the past. | Learn More

MuleSoft ESB

G&G Technologies, Inc. specializes in bringing the top Certified MuleSoft Engineers to your project. As Mule ESB experts on the Anypoint SOA platform, we are the leading choice to integrate all your essential systems and ignite your business. | Learn More

IBM Websphere

Using IBM WebSphere Message Broker, MQ Messaging, BPM, Commerce, Voice Server, Embedded Viavoice, Java EE & WebSphere Application Server G&G offshore software outsourcing team is helping its global clientele of small and mid-sized companies. | Learn More

SAP Netweaver

SAP NetWeaver is an application builder from SAP for integrating business processes and databases from a number of sources while exploiting the leading Web services technologies. Part of the company’s mySAP product group, NetWeaver is getting a lot of industry attention as the first fully interoperable Web-based cross-application platform that can be used to develop not only SAP applications but others as well.  | Learn More


ETL – Extract, Transform and Load These three functions are combined into one tool that will pull data out of a database and place into another database. Emprise provides their Clients with access to their data by converting multiple data sources and formats into usable volumes that can be analyzed. Whether you are on a legacy, home grown or enterprise application, we can extract the data. | Learn More


Service oriented architecture is approach to have software resources in an enterprise available and discoverable on network as well defined services. Each service would achieve a predefined business objective and perform discrete units of work. The services are independent and do not depend on the context or state of the other services. They work within distributed systems architecture. | Learn More