Get Started with Software Outsourcing & Offshore software Development


Getting Started: G&G Technologies, Inc.

~ Write e-mail or talk over telephone
~ Ask questions about software expertise, methodology, and cost
~ Discuss NDA and software service agreement
~ Communicate your high-level IT outsourcing requirements
~ Inform if any on-site visit required
~ Check if G&G’s software expertise matches with requirements
~ Discuss internally if your team comfortable with G&G’s outsourcing offering
~ Check if G&G offers the best cost-benefit ratio
~ Review software NDA and service agreement
– Set-up user accounts in your servers (if necessary)
~ Provide VPN access (if necessary)
~ Complete technical spec (or ask G&G team to complete)
~ Provide access to software tools, version control, coding standard & libraries
~ Set up a software testing environment for verification & system test
– Communicate directly with G&G software development team (e-mail, IM chat, telephone)
~ Set-up project plan & regular conf calls with local project manager (if applicable)
~ Train G&G IT outsourcing team on your business processes & software applications (if necessary)
~ Set up a review process for software design and code
~ Communicate acceptance criteria