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Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, diverse applications communicate either directly or through third-party software. It takes only 5 easy steps to make a successful cloud integration. Here are the types of Clouds:

  • Private Cloud:

    Private cloud integration and cloud computing service

    Private Cloud is known as one of the computing services where one user or a selected number of users can use it on the internet or a private network. It gives an additional control and customization available to the users from a dedicated resource. With private cloud service the users can enjoy the benefits like elasticity, self-service and scalability. In addition to that private cloud gives a higher level of security for the data and information. The hosting privacy ensures there is no possibility for getting access by any third party providers. With all these benefits, there is once limitation of private cloud, i.e. company’s IT department should be responsible for the handling and maintenance of the private cloud. Therefore a private cloud needs some sort of staffing, managing and maintenance.

  • Public Cloud

    Public cloud integration and Public cloud computing servicePublic cloud is similarly like private cloud but offered by third-party providers and used by the public. It is available for anyone to use or purchase as per their working purposes. Public cloud may be free or sold based on demand. It allows users to pay as per their usage and needs. Public cloud can help companies to cut their expenses as there are no hardware management or maintenance required because that part is being taken care of by the cloud service providers. There is no need for separate infrastructure for the public cloud service because all the hardware is located at the providers’ place. The companies just buy and use it for their purposes. Every employee of the company can easily use the same application individually at the same time. When it comes to the point of security, public cloud is as secure as a dedicated private cloud, if its provider takes care of the security properly.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    A hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private cloud by sharing applications and data between them. The job of hybrid cloud is to give the business a platform to scale private cloud into public cloud without giving any access to the third party providers, when there is an overflow in processing and computing demand. With the help of this cloud service the companies get the flexibility to work on the public cloud platform while keeping the business information and sensitive data within the company firewall. Hybrid cloud has brought a huge change in cloud computing.

With this technology of Cloud computing the security of data has reached on a higher level. G&G has the expertise in different cloud computing like Amazon AWS/EC2, Azure, DevOps, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Rackspace and SAAS Integration.