In today’s world of digitalization and online marketing the term eCommerce software development has become so popular to everyone. This is simply nothing but a digital platform of your Shop or you may call it your online shopping website. Just like a shopping mall the customer can browse every stock of your shop and buy it online from his/her home or anywhere else and get it delivered at the doorsteps.

With some easy steps you can buy everything online from your computer or Smartphone. Starting from electronics devices to daily need – everything is available in the online shop. Customers can easily get lots of options and prices at the same time in order to compare. That helps them to choose the best one within affordable price. Your online shop is just like your actual shop. The more you make it attractive and easily accessible the better get responses from the customers. This is how e-commerce has become so popular to the online selling businessmen and thus e-commerce software developers and software development companies are offering wide range of services in the line of webstore software development and support nowadays. Online selling platforms are not only helping a business to grow but also increases profitability in a significant way.

eCommerce software development

An online shopping website is developed with hundreds and thousands of products with shopping and payment options. There are lots of ifs and buts that arrive at the time of development. According to the needs and types there are several options available in the market in order to develop a perfect e-commerce store. Here are some examples of the platforms used in it:

WooCommerce: This is a free self-hosted WordPress Plugin which includes the e-commerce functionalities to your WordPress ecommerce website. And so you can have your online store using this plugin. WooCommerce was launched in the 2011. Since then it has made the developers to create an ….

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BigCommerce: BigCommerce is one of the most popular self-hosted platforms for ecommerce webstore software support development for building an e-commerce website for your online store. It has lots of features with different variations to create an e-shopping website. There are also lots of theme options in platform.

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Magento: This is also an e-commerce platform which is built on an open source technology that helps the merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. Apart from that they can easily control functionality, content and look of the online store. With lots of plugins the developers can …

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Shopify: This is another one of the most famous e-commerce platforms in the world of development. For over 10 years Shopify has been in the service in order to create a complete online store for the merchants. With 24/7 support it gives you a complete package for an e-commerce website.

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Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for a perfect website, domains, hosting, ecommerce, galleries and analytics with 24/7 support facility. Portfolio websites, business website and E-commerce websites are the best outputs from it. It carries a tagline called “Build it Beautiful”.


OpenCart is another opensource platform for a complete eCommerce software development solution. It offers you with 1300+ professional themes. The developers can work independently in this platform because the themes are completely customizable. But if you are in a hurry, then you can easily use the themes to develop you online store quickly in very small span of time.


3dCart has been one of the leading and oldest self-hosted ecommerce platforms since 1997. There are so many features that are already built into the software. With more than 17500 active merchant users and 24/7/365 support system, 3dCart gives you a complete liberty to build a proper e-commerce system for your business.


This is a cloud based platform for ecommerce websites. It was launched in the year 1999 since then it has been in the business and become one of the most trusted platforms in cloud. You will find lots of options here and those help the developers to do complete custom design for your online store.

At G&G Technologies North Carolina, we have the best and most experienced team of developers who can deliver you a perfect, attractive and user-friendly e-commerce platform for your business. Our experts will check with your exact needs and develop your e-store exactly the same. They are very much knowledgeable about all the eCommerce software development, properties and development platforms. Therefore you may give us the instruction and relax. Your e-store is in expert hands.