Staff Augmentation | IT Outsourcing Services for Business

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Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing Services for Business

Outsource IT Services occurs when a company outsources their IT needs. In a sense, the IT company is hired to “be their IT department”. This usually works well for companies who do not need a full-time IT department. It saves a smaller company money, while providing them with the expert IT services they need to manage their current and future technology requirements.

Usually, Outsourced Services costs less than hiring and maintaining the training of an in-house IT person, software costs, and equipment costs. Remember, if you have your own IT person, not only do you have employee costs, but you will also need to factor in continuing education training so they stay up-to-date with the current technology. Additionally, IT company can often purchase hardware and software at reduced costs than what a smaller company would pay. A good, professional IT company will also stay current with hardware and software trends and upgrades. After choosing your IT company, have them sit down with you and develop a current needs analysis, then a future plan – perhaps a 5-year plan. Make certain they institute changes that you can build upon and move into future needs. Also make sure they include a cost analysis and/or fee schedule. Discuss the best options for your current IT needs, then set up an implementation plan.